Honey Bee Swarm on Apple Campus

Noticed a bee swarm on the Apple campus parking lot yesterday but facilities already called another beekeeper to remove them. As long as the bees are saved. :)


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Palo Alto Eichler Bee Swarm

The beauty of Eichler homes is that the bees don’t have much choice of building their home below the roof because there isn’t an attic. There are some Eichlers that do have soffits or some empty space though but not much. Here’s a swarm in Palo Alto just hanging out while the scouts find their new home.


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Bees In Wine Barrel / Keg – Los Altos

Recently I received calls with honey bees living inside a wine barrel Sunnyvale and a small 5 gallon keg in Los Altos. The wine barrel colony we’re going to turn them into bees for the owner. +1 for us, another new beekeeper! :)


Wednesday night we picked up a small keg in Los Altos. You can gauge the size of the barrel with reference to the door on the shed. It was easy to pick up since it’s a new swarm, and from the weight of it the colony isn’t that big. We’ll get pictures shortly when we transfer them into hive boxes.


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Adopt-A-Hive – Jeff Takes Home Two Swarms

New beekeeper Jeff adopts two honey bee swarms that are quickly building up into productive colonies.


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Cupertino Bee Removal – Infertile Queen

We did a structural bee removal this Saturday in Cupertino. The bees were entering from a huge opening next to the chimney, making it an easy entry to the attic to build their home. The bees have been there for a few weeks as the brood has just been capped. And speaking of brood, when I see small cells for worker bees with ugly, larger domed cappings, it tells me that the queen is not fertile. She probably mated but didn’t mate well or something else is wrong with her. I’ll give her a chance before I take action.



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Hiving Four Swarms, All With Queens

I was at work yesterday when my dad called me saying that there are four swarms in my backyard. One entered my bait hive but the other three are hanging on the persimmon tree. He hived all of them and found all the queens. Too bad I missed all the excitement. :)


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Adopt-A-Hive – Bees Move to Cute New Home

Sunday we did delivery of two colonies to two new beekeepers. The first was in Mountain View to a family that’s receiving their first colony of bees. They welcomed their new bees with a cute, decorated hive that the kids painted.



Thanks for providing such a nice home for the bees! :)

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